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Frequently asked questions

Jeffrey Gaule DDS knows there are difficult decisions when trying to decide which service will best suit your needs. We believe it's important to be informed about what we can offer you. Here we have provided answers to our most frequently asked questions to assist you. If you require any additional information, feel free to give us a call; we're always happy to hear from our customers, whether existing or potential.
Q1- Do you accept my dental insurance?
  • A1- Call our office and we will be happy to assist you with your information.
Q2- I do not have dental insurance. Do you offer a payment plan?
  • A2- We do offer an in-house Oral Health Care Plan that allows you a substantial savings on preventative services and 10%-15% discount on major services. We also use a third party company that offers health care financing. Call us to get more information.
Q3- How much do you charge for a particular procedure?
  • A3- It is difficult to quote fees over the telephone since every patient's condition is different. We are happy to schedule you for a free consultation to obtain an estimate.
Q4- I have not seen a dentist in a long time, and I am apprehensive about dental treatment. Does the doctor have patience with people like me?
  • A4 – Dr. Jeffrey Gaule places a strong emphasis on enriching his patients dental experience. He always explains any procedure in simple terms so his patients are more relaxed. He listens to the patients wants and needs, and always makes sure their comfort level is met.